Vertical Module for SliderPLUS Time-lapse Reel

Vertical Module for SliderPLUS Time-lapse Reel

Time-lapse videography has long been a mesmerizing technique, allowing us to condense the passage of time into captivating sequences. However, our quest for perfection led us to explore new possibilities. With the introduction of Vertical Module for SliderPLUS, we now enable content creators to break free from traditional constraints and capture dynamic scenes with seamless vertical & inclined movement. 

Vertical Module is a heavy lifter. Despite weighing about just 1 kg, it can lift SliderPLUS PRO + Motor Module + HeadPLUS and a camera even at absolute vertical motion. 

Vertical Module is All Mechanical. It compensates for gravity, keeping the system weightless at any angle with the help of constant force springs. No need for extra batteries!

Learn more about the products in video:

Vertical Module


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